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Hailey Glassman and Jon Gosselin are seeing each other. It has been confirmed. Look, here they are.

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i think all you guys a fucking crazy for real this shit happens all the time. just because they are famous doesnt mean they dont have a life and they arent normal people! come on get over it and let him be happy for once shit!


i think that jon gosselin is an asshole because he lied and said that he never cheated on kate and that it wasnt the reason why he was breaking up with her but then u see him here holding hands with some blonde bimbo....kate might have been a bicch to him but i dont blame the poor women i would be a bicch too if i gave birth to 8 children and had a total body transformation. his kids are going to grow up and resent him in the future for not being able to be man enough to hold a relationship with their mom


Were they planninggggggg these photos? Why didn't she look presentable? lol Brush your HAIR, jesus.


Jon makes me sick,also. What a stupid fool he is to think he can go on with his life like he doesn't have 8 kids. And he wants to design a children's clothing line. I wouldn't dare buy anything with his name on it. Selfish jerk!


Jon makes me sick! He thinks this is cool behaviour for a father of 8. Nope it isn't! Grow the hell up, get over yourself and put your kids first over your libido!

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