Hailey Glassman, Jon Gosselin Picture
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A nice picture of Hailey Glassman and Jon Gosselin. These two are spending a lot of time together ... and in celebrity gossip stories and headlines.

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I think we all need to remember the real victim here. Poor Ed Hardy never wanted this kind of publicity... lol, I crack myself up. But Jon, seriously. Grow a pair and deal with your marriage. I agree with carol, he's definitely having a very public mid-life crisis.


I feel he is having a midlife crisis, however, it will hurt and haunt him the rest of his life! How a man (whoops, can't call him a man), could walk away from those beautiful children is a tragic and cowardly act. He needs to pull his head out of his A. Has he heard of marriage counseling?


jon needs to know that he made his bed and now he should lay in it ......it takes two and he can just walk away good for you kate find a real fsther figure for your kids and if not !!!!!!!!!!!!Well you can and you have the power More power to you and your children wish you the i watch the show as much as i can............... best of luck


No, we didn't ALL party at 23. Some of us are upstanding citizens who get full time jobs and have responsibilities in our life. How stupid can you be to put these kinds of pictures on the internet!
Grow up!


the girl is 23. we all partied when we were 23. lay off.


Did you say 23 or 32? Damn, this girl looks old. Lay off the booze!


haha he looks more like her father in this pic - Hailey did you remember to brush your teeth this morning? She needs to grow up