Hailey Glassman, Jon Gosselin Pic
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Hailey Glassman and Jon Gosselin make the sexiest couple ever. Well, it probably feels like it to him, having been married to that crazy chick for 10 years.

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Oh yeah, and Ms. Glassman is equally a whore. Messing with a father and husband? Ewe. Of course, with her lack of good looks and well, personality, it's no wonder she would stoop so low.


He's a pig. His wife may be psycho, but he could complete the divorce before messing around, sheesh. I'm sure the kids will love to grow up and see this stuff. What a disgusting excuse for a father.


everything he is doing is for show..... what a joke.... he is a really really changed man... and it is not for the better


i still think jon is a ho all he thinks about is being single and with young girls he thinks he's young he don't even care about his kids but hey kate you are a good mom hope you will get a better man than jon you deserve a better person and you need a man not a kid like jon.


If Hailey is the best Jon can do after Kate, Kate if by far better off. Hailey is a spoiled immature skank and shows Jon's immaturity and his questions his parenting role what is he going through the male change early? Grow up Kate didn't make those kids herself but she's obviously the better choice to raise them.You don't see her out with numerous men, she's with the kids.