Hailey Glassman: Bong Hits
Jon Gosselin's new girlfriend and possible fiancee Hailey Glassman hits the bong in a picture obtained by Inside Edition. Man, she is so hot. Definite stepmom material.

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QFT what Jacklyn said....it's a pipe, not a bong.


it's a pipe... who's the dumbass now?


No way should this woman be allowed any where near those kids. If Jon wants to hang out with her what does that say about him? The thing's she is doing are illegal and if Jon has to bring her around the kids the social workers should put a stop to that happening.

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Inside Edition
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Hailey Glassman became Jon Gosselin's new plaything after he divorced wife Kate in mid-2009. Prior to Hailey Glassman, Jon was doing... More »
Nyack, New York
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Hailey Glassman