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Spencer Pratt's wife Heidi Montag has morphed into something barely recognizable at this point. Seriously, is she some stripper at a low-rate club? Who would willingly have that done to their face?

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It looks like she cant even more her face ,,,
why would somebody that pretty get THAT much plastic surgrey on them selfs ..


If this is what Heidi wants to do to herself, why does everybody care so much, if anyone (who is writing these negative comments)knew someone who has had plastic surgery; I highly doubt you would slam them to their face as poorly as some of these crule comments said about Heidi. In fact, maybe you would get plastic surgery if you had their money!!


LMAO she looks like a cheap ass HO or a really bad looking Tranny


Geeeez...(big breath)..yeh she looks just like any hollywood wanna/be/is/gonna be star..... I feel so sorry for her Mum...being a Mum myself to a 17 year old...who is beautiful...it must break your heart..that someone as beautiful as Heidi was ---(in her Hills debut)...that she was not happy with her looks and personality (which were probably the actual things that made her famous)....sad...... she is beautiful now, big boobs, blonde, buxon, sexy...but just like every other porn star.....:( very sad...** I will put money on Spencer being a dumper...real soon....:(


she looks absolutely nothing like herself anymore! I don't understand how people like them use their all their money, just to better themselves, when they were just fine, and Heidi totally didn't need that plastic surgery! that was all stupid ass fucking Spencer's idea, and his image, it had nothing to do with Heidi!!!! I cannot stand Spencer

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