Grandfather's Letter to Daughter
A grandfather penned a letter to his daughter regarding the apparent disowning of her son because he is gay. His response is moving.

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Loretta welter

every word in your letter was prefect in my eyes the disowning of a daddy and her perison time some say would be good punishment i say i know by your letter dad u raised your kids to the highest of good and to know right from wrong and just knowing that in yourself thatit had nothing to do with the raisingyou as her father should feel no shame for her aciton it was wrong but u must move on and i know u have it in u to do that for ur grandson always loretta welter you shall walk in no shame


Bravo! I'm so sorry you had to do that... I too was regected by "family," for being gay. I was in the foster care, so I expereinced the eegection more then once, by people that took in my brother and sent me to grouo homes for criminal children. Thank God, that Chad has you. You are a wonderful person for saying what you feel, most people today do and feel what the church or other people (politicians). I wish the best for your daughter, I hope she finds her heart soon.

@ charlie kai guyette

LAME.........blocked and lied to.....lame


Thank God this boy has such an understanding granoa!!

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