Grand, Baby
That's what Lady Gaga is to us. Oh yes.

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Dean clark

Hope the hell she is paying her press agent, major bucks, too funny peeps just love watching freaks, and will pay anything to see them...then we wonder WTFUp with this country~~~ people staving in this country yet peeps pay major dollars to see this crap~~(course she does have a nice arse~~~) rofl!!


In spite of all her attempts, I still find her incredibly boring, in every way.


I just like looking at pretty females in skippy cloths.


truly the onli thing showin is the piano n da shoes (b yza'3lel)
nxt time the bum (al 6ezz) should b this way (la hena la hena kida) towards da cam plz (shukran) say hi to ur mum rised u well
555555555ttttttttoooooofffoooooo 3la wayhech



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Harper's Bazaar
Lady Gaga in Harper's Bazaar
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