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Glee cast members Cory Monteith, Lea Michele and Dianna Agron pose for this very sexy cover of GQ. Think it crosses the line for a family show?

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I actually think these pictures are too reveling!! The show has changed for the worse. That really ruined the reputation of the show!!!


When the heck was Glee ever a family show? I love it, but the show is definitely not a family one. The topic of sex is rampant throughout it. How does this cover not reflect it?


The girls are both 24 and Cory is 28. Get over it. If some people are dumb enough to actually think these actors are high school age then let them think they are smart even though thinking that would only make them as smart as an eleven year-old.


they did do a britney spears episode and that was racy i liked it so whats the difference. it depends on the right time


Everybody have to grow-up sometime so I think it is ok to be sexy at the right place and time.

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