Glasses vs. Boobs
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Which is bigger: Kim Kardashian sunglasses or Kim Kardashian's breasts? Discuss now!

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Kim Kardashian in White

Kim Kardashian attempts to seduce the camera in this Tumblr photo. It's safe to say we're sick of her bathing suit photos.

Kim Kardashian Bikini Pose

Kim Kardashian poses here in a bikini. It's an unusual look for the reality star. She typically wears so many more layers.

Kim Kardashian Bathing Suit Shot

Yup. It's another Kim Kardashian bathing suit photo. The reality star really has too much time on her hands.

Another Kim Kardashian Twit Pic

Kim Kardashian is back with yet another Twitter photo. And - shocker! - she's in a bathing suit again.

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Kim Kardashian Bikini Pics
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I wonder (who in there right mine)is looking at Her sunglass?????If he or she is there sick.With a body like that (WOW)


Seriously, can no one see that this girl has been photoshopped in the FHM photo? Look how huge her thighs and hips are in this photo, and look how they magically were half the size and her waist elongated in the other photo. This chick may have the booty and big breasts or whatever, but I've always liked the toned girls...she does not look tonned to me. She looks like she has to watch EVERYTHING she eats because chicks like pack it on really quick. And having a good body a talent?? If girlfriend should be up for an award because as far as I'm concerned she looks better than Kim. Kim is overrated and photoshopped to death. Beautiful face...but overrated.