Gia Allemand Nude
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Gia Allemand from The Bachelor poses practically nude for Maxim. Wonder if Jake Pavelka knew about this when she was competing on the show ... or when that idiot sent her packing.

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Gia From The Bachelor

Gia Allemand from The Bachelor is a hot girl. There is little doubt about that. Can she outlast that half-wit Vienna? Who knows.

A Gia Allemand Picture

Gia Allemand is a Maxim model and now a contestant on The Bachelor. There is no way she wins ... Jake has terrible taste.

Gia Photo

This pic of Gia from The Bachelor speaks for itself. Jake Pavelka, if you don't pick Gia Allemand, you are insane dog.

Gia Allemand Lingerie Photo

This lingerie photo features Gia Allemand from The Bachelor in Maxim. That's quite an angle, eh, Jake?

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Wow it's a big shock for me to see you GIA you look like a prostitute not a model.I am disappointed because you are my second best FIRST IS TENLY FOR SURE


One thing is to have a beautiful woman as a partner/lover/wife and what have you and the other is having a beautiful woman who considers it great fun sleeping and sneaking around with other guys without taking into consideration the feeling of her spouse.Such is the way of an unrepentant woman who cheats at great heights hurting the very spouse who loved her dearly and to avoid getting hurt some more,her man eventually ends the relationship and probably send her packing if she lives with him and to those who don't know details of what really happened,they will be "wishing" that girl sent packing was their woman.
Halle Berry for one has dated many sweet looking guys but it couldn't hold.Why? I guess we all don't need a prophesy it's going to rain when the cloud has turned dark!!!


no niples


If Jake sent THIS Beauty packing---someone needs to rush him to a mental ward---With-A-Quickness! Absolutely Gorgeous! If Ms. Allemand doesn't become a much sought-after model at the very Least---I can't imagine who would be...Jake? If you've seen these pic's and Don't think you've fucked-up---Please,go check yourself in for treatments---you'll be glad you did...Hollywood...


ewwwwwwwwwwwwww seriosly


i like ur booobs very much