George Zimmerman Bloody Head Photo
A photo of the back of George Zimmerman's head after the Trayvon Martin shooting shows him clearly bloody. It may help his claim of self-defense.

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Jana mirh

That photo has been photoshopped. He's not only a liar, but he's delusional, paranoid, and a disgrace! The entitlement he expects is mind-blowing. How deluded can a person be. He killed an unarmed kid, yet he feels so sorry for himself, and begs for money. He has no regrets for his actions that night, none. He even said it on TV. What is wrong with him, how insulting this is to the family of the Trayvon whose son is dead and can't speak for himself. GZ;s brother and the few friends he has are helping people see just how deluded they are and. they appeal only to racists. The race game is played by them, ongoing. At first the media did, but the reported what was public record. George was listed as "white" on his rap sheet. Police reports even listed him as "white", but they continue to play the victum, when the real victim is dead, dead by Zimmerman's hand gun. A gun he should not have been able to get. He's a liar, proven liar. This case is not about race, not now, but only in the mind of his family, his brother, and his supporters who think GZ killed a "potential thug". This family is worse than the Anthony's.- deluded, unapologetic,narcissists. What an insult to the family of the boy he killed. the supporters are still beating up on a dead kid, while their hero is begging for money thinking he is a celebrity or something. The murder makes more sense now, GZ didn't like TM disrespecting his fake "authority", so he got out of his truck, stalked him, ran after him, held him, and then shot him dead. And he has no regrets. None! He said it on Hannity. What a shame, a terrible shame. Why don't they get jobs to support this guy instead of begging racists for the money to support him. He's got an unhealthy entitlement problem, and one that cost a young man his life, and a family to grieve as his supporters tweet terrible things to her and the father. Sick

@ Jana Mirh

I concur


TAKE THAT SHARPTON/BEN CHIMP! Someone please fire angela corey...

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