Gary Shirley and Amber
Gary Shirley and Amber in a screen grab from MTV's Teen Mom. Couple of real characters right here.

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Ummm, maybe? His mother pasesd away from cancer when he was only 13, so it's hard to compare. But she was strictly a SAHM, quite the homemaker, and very crafty (sewing, etc). I'm currently a SAHM, (but won't be after our LO is old enough for school) and although I don't have a crafty bone in my body, I enjoy the cooking/baking for my family aspect of being a homemaker.Sorta? Lol.

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Gary Shirley Biography

Gary and Leah Shirley
Gary Shirley stars on the MTV show Teen Mom. He is the ex-fiance of Amber Portwood, and the father of her daughter Leah, who is 2. He is... More »
Anderson, Indiana
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Gary Shirley