Gary Head and Jenelle Evans
Gary Head and Jenelle Evans are totally going steady. Lucky.

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Keiffer ar you out there, hope you read this. Now you are out the lime light when what yo dumbass should have done was handle yo biz and used that opportunity to take that time to change that into a positive and maybe just maybe you could've been half famous. But I'm sure yo dumbass is still smoking weed and possibly have caught a felony charge by now. See game should've recognized game when I heard you say that you stacking paper I. Laffed my ass off, yo ass is broke. You wore that green hoody shit I dnt know for how long. You ain't no hustler if so you woldve handled you biz and mayb you would have a show by now but sure you still homeless. I still laff @ yo ass everytime when I think about you saying (stacking paper). Get yo shit 2getha pimpn!

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Jenelle Evans starred on 16 and Pregnant and now Teen Mom 2 on MTV. She is the mother of a 16-month-old, Jace, and has a troubled... More »
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