Gaga Steps Out
This happens when you're Lady Gaga. Sometimes you step out and this is what you're wearing. Photographers be damned!

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You go Gaga. Beautiful, smart, and sucessful.


this photo will once and for all end the shemale rumor.lolol


wow i think if my gaga is like that it will be much more fun, well just want to say that lady gaga so hottt


Gaga if you read this..... i want you to know that i think you are a beautiful strong woman...and keep on keepin on....... love you girl !!


i think that she is intitled to anything she wants to wear...obviosly and she has the perfect body for it so people lay off....and if you cant tell that shes all woman than your CRAZY!!

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Lady Gaga in Stockholm
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Lady Gaga Biography

Lady Gaga Fashion Statement Lady GaGa is a musician songwriter, penning songs for pop acts such as the Pussycat Dolls. Lady GaGa is an up and coming solo artist,... More »
New York, New York
Full Name
Joanne Stefani Germanotta
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