Gabriel Aubry and Nahla
Gabriel Aubry cannot spend time with daughter Nahla on his own. A court-mandated supervisor must be around at all times.

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age is just a number ppoele who say that are usually trying to justify something. Age is NOT just a number, and I can't believe anybody, let alone a 40yo pregnant woman, would say that. My physical body is NOT the same at 40 as it was when I was 31 and 33, when I was pregnant with my children. In fact, my eggs are older, my muscles are older, all my respiratory/digestive/immune/lymphatic/etc. systems are older, and my knees(!!!!) are older! You can be in absolutely stellar physical shape but your body is still chronologically older!! It's absolutely great that women over 40 can fulfill their dreams of pregnancy, but it's completely irresponsible to say that age is just a number; that's turning a completely blind eye to health issues that arise past 40. I spoke recently with my ob/gyn who says that her office of 7 ob/gyns will NOT permit 40+yo women to bypass an amniocentesis. Well, those aren't exactly the most comfortable' tests by any means, for mom or baby.

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Gabriel Aubry Nude
Gabriel Aubry was the longtime boyfriend of Halle Berry. He's still the father of her daughter, Nahla, of course, who was born at 10:17... More »
Montreal, Canada
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Gabriel Aubry

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We have no plans for marriage. We are more married than ever, really.

Gabriel Aubry

I mean, look at her - she is unbelievable! She is the best mom that anybody could ask for -- or wish for!

Gabriel Aubry [on Halle Berry]