Future Couple?
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He stars in the Twilight Saga. She sings country songs. But Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift appear together in the film Valentine's Day.

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Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift

Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift appear to be getting along very well during this break from shooting Valentine's Day, don't they? We'd love to see them date.

Two Taylors

In between takes of their new movie Valentine's Day, Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift chatted. Wouldn't these two make an adorable couple?

Valentine's Day Set Shot

Might Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift soon start dating? They clearly got along well together while filming Valentine's Day.

Taylor and Taylor

Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift chat between takes on the movie set of Valentine's Day. The teen icons are part of a star-studded cast for it.

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Valentine's Day Set Shots
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the king and the queen...:))...they are cute together


how about selena... it means that they just broke up already??? im not updated...


Eu acho que eles até formam um casal bonitinho, mais sera que dura?
nem sei, se depender de mim sim.
As fãs que estao muito chateadas com isso tudo... Beijo S2


yeah they look like the cutest couple!


I think its cute. they look so good togeather!!!