Former Today Show Crew
Al Roker, Ann Curry, Matt Lauer and Savannah Guthrie share a laugh here on The Today Show.

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Don f wahls

I really hope that NBC learned a very costly lesson from this. Firstly, I stop watching The Today Show after Ann Curry's departure and so did millions of viewers of The Today Show. You will NEVER get these viewers back unless you some how, some way bring back Ann Curry. This is not a Man's world any longer. I use to like Matt Lauer until I realized that his ego was bigger than his brains which is so typical of American white men today. People Love Ann Curry because she brings her heart and so much to the show. NBC, You fired the wrong person!


I loved Ann curry. They should have kept her
She is cheerful,competent, knowledgeable,
and sweet. I miss her.
Thank you
Sharon coffmsn

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