Feldmans for PETA
In this ad for PETA, Corey and Susie Feldman (who appears nude) fight for the rights of animals. They just want you to give peas a chance, people.

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at least you guys got some clothes :/


I am a fan of course and watched the Corys grow up while I did. Love the Frog brothers, and Dream A Little Dream. dang now I feel old. I always knew Cory Feldman would make it through the tough times and come out ahead. I credit a lot of that to Susie, and to him for having such a strong presence of himself.

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Nude PETA Ads
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Feldmans for PETA
Susie Feldman is the wife of former child actor, and current reality TV star, Corey Feldman. Her marital status is pretty much all Susie... More »
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