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Fantasia Barrino conquered all on season three of American Idol. She's since gone on to star in Broadway and, it was alleged in the summer of 2010, to star in a sex tape with another woman's husband.

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Tracy I totally agree with you if you don't know Fantasia you won't usetrndand her. She puts her life in her music so for that person that asked the dumb question why is she still famous because of her fans #1 #2 she's uses her life in music & people can relate to her & #3 this should of been #1 but GOD!!!!! It just pist me off to see somebody say something like that bout Fantasia!! I think she is a wonderful artist. Everyone makes mistakes & you can't grow unless you learn from mistakes. So I feel Fantasia have been thru a lot & with God's help she got thru. I'm happy for her with her new pregnancy & I hope that dude isn't the dad either because yes he is bad news as Tracy stated in her comment. Good Luck Fantasia on your pregnancy.

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Fantasia Barrino won season three of American Idol. Since then, she has starred in a Broadway production of The Color Purple, which... More »
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