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Miley Cyrus is on record with the following: she doesn't write her own songs and she hates pop music.

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Miley Cyrus Gets Silly

This is just Miley Cyrus being Miley Cyrus. She's doing so during a party she threw on July 4 weekend.

Miley Cyrus on July 4

Miley Cyrus played patriotic host for a Fourth of July party at her home in 2014. She got very much into the spirit of the occasion.

Miley Cyrus on the 4th

Say cheese, Miley Cyrus! The singer strikes a festive pose here on the Fourth of July.

Miley Cyrus, Patriotic Host

Miley Cyrus hosted a party in honor of America's 238th birthday. She gets into the spirit here.

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it is NORMAL to like yourself.. what's not normal is to HATE yourself.. and she's talented i believe she writes her own songs.. god! this site is somewhat against her so much!?


she used to like Pop music, but now you can tell, she luvs rock music, and shes said a billion times over how Party in the USA is not her type of music, and that her nxt album will be rock and a breakout from pop, so she can be true to herself. and she has written a number of songs, more then most singers. ( 7 things, bottom of the ocean, etc..) not to mention most the songs on her 1st Miley album


miley is just trying to get out there,
and become the next modanna which she will one day be: )


that isn't true.
she's a very talented person.
she has the capability to write her own songs..
and if she hate pop music.
why did she sing them?
it only shows that she id=s not a fake and definitely not a liar.
i love you miley.., you rock Ps. Of course Miley likes her self.
may i ask you colliecad.
do you hate yourself?


Of course u hate pop...you hate everything but yourself...loser


like u so matsh aim from egypt my nambar 0020122578844


i think she should go nude.like megon fox that is a hot pic