Fake Cheating Scandal
There's no proof at all that Robert Pattinson has ever cheated on Kristen Stewart. But who needs proof when you're a supermarket tabloid?1?

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robert didnt make any mistakes he made a rite one they may be a cute couple but wen kristen was with that guy michael a. she held his hand in public and on the red carpet and kissed him and rob tries to do that cuz he wants to be a romantic guy and she pulls away or dosnt want to rob deserves a girl whos not gana care to bring it out in public i love u robert hang in there


FAKE Cheating Scandal PEOPLE!


kristen needs to date other single men rob doesnt deserve kristen she is much to good for him hes constantly flirting and hurting her and trying to pick up the costars kristen should date some one that appreciates her rob should come down to earth and realize that kristen is a very attractive women and shes younger than him too after all you are no edward cullen it seams your trying to get back at her your actions is speaking for it any man that acts the way you do towards a young woman like kristen has issues. personally you are handsome but she is pretty too so your not holding any thing over her head your treating her you look better than her thats not the case because if you think that then your siller than you act rob you need to man up and do what a man does when he really cares for someone like kristen stewart .


rob u made a big mistack kristen is the right girl i think u two should just work it out and make things better and rob never do wat u did again

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