Fake Casey Anthony Book Cover
This fake book cover is what we imagine Jeff Ashton's should look like. He's the prosecutor who couldn't convict Casey Anthony.

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I honestly believe that they had decided to allow this Female to walk WAYYY before this case was over...Not for one moment will I think any different..Throughout the entire trial reports from the media came through saying that it appeared as if a few of them to be dozing off,Some looked to be bored,And Hardly ever did it appear that anyone was taking notes,Some keeping their heads down and not even looking in the direction of any witness..After the trial And before sentencing,They never asked for a thing,There was absolutly no way that those People went over all the evedence that was presented during that trial!! And Last,I heard on a TV show a few weeks ago that there were a couple Of the Jurours that Had voted guilty..And the Other jurors Persuaded them to vote Not guilty!! By what means did they use to persuade these people? THE CHOICE WAS MADE BEFORE THE CASE WAS MADE..IMO...


i feel sorry for poor jeff ash. he had a circumstantial case but enough evidence to convict the pope. problem was he also had to convience 12 idiots that the earth revolves around the sun and the earth is not flat. sorry jeff , you did your best and no one could have done better.

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