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Effin' Snooki in a photo provided by Snooki. Just delightful.

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I'm a bit confused as to the Miso user or TV vieewr you are interested in. Granted, I'm a recent participant but are you going for only like minded vieewrs? Love the song the show Glee chose to give royalties to that is written by and famously recorded in the UK by a convicted sex offender for child pedophile? Or love a sex education teacher undressing to a camisole while singing to students Do You Wanna Touch Me with the lyrics: Do you wanna touch me there? Right or wrong, don’t it turn you on? ? Questionable judgement on the part of the Glee producers, no? If you saw Snookie get punched in the face then it was on the internet and not MTV as they rightly edited out such violence against women. And about your info video with Perez Hilton; one man's schadenfreude is another man's h8te. Either way, not very inclusive.The celebrity culture driven by entertainment media posing as hard news pushing product placement circle. All in all it's starting to feel a bit like a consensus community (uninformed or bias?). I'm afraid I rather have an individualist nature, but by no means unsocial so we'll see.

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