Exposing Skin
Miley Cyrus is fully embracing her sexy side. Check out this image of her performing in Paris, France.

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lets see i was raped at 7 years old. i had a playbody tied to my head with a giant rubber band because i was not even good enough to rape. now iv grown in a beuitful sexy woman but w/issues of course. and if she acts slutty and dresses like that she is asking for it! she is slut she is not even 18 years old and men perverted men are commenting on how sexy she is. you should be ashamed of yourself for even looking at somebody under 18. and further no tean or girl in their twenties know what to do let alone what they actually like. a woman hits her prime in her 30's that is a known fact so if she is having sex she is faking it all i can almost promise that. but hey she will have lots of experice such as angeie jolie........ right? sick freaking men and her dad ought to have his ass kicked allowing his teenage daughter to aCT like a whore. i'd be ashamed. to bad he did not install morals in her.


dam she is fucken fine! get over ppl shes just beign a chick! worry about rapsits and murders & shit!


OMG she is the next britney or maybe another weird scandal girl... she has almost no clothes on ONLY 17!!! wondering about what would happen to her when she get's 20 :/
what about her good old countrysinger dad!! has he gone CRAZY??? HE HAS SPOILED HER!!! GOOD LUCK MILEY/SCANDALGIRL/WHORE
with everything

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