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Erika Van Pelt smiles here for the American Idol camera. She's one of 12 women remaining on season 11.

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This contest is Erika's to lose. She is extremely talented and blessed with a very strong voice. Her biggest problem is getting the largest block of voters (18 - 25) to consider her even though she is 'old' in their eyes.
As evidenced by last week's vote, the people over 25 will vote one times (if at all). The kids 18 - 25 will vote as many as 10 times and many will favor singers their own age.


Great job Erika you can do this !!!!! Great job leslie love ya s

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Michael Becker/FOX
American Idol Season 11 Semifinalists: Women
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Erika Van Pelt Picture
Erika Van Pelt advanced to Hollywood with a rendition of Carole King's "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?" She auditioned in Pittsburgh... More »
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