Eric Johnson With Jessica Simpson
Eric Johnson and Jessica Simpson take a stroll. Looking HOT.

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EJ is one ugly looking dude, if she is pg that kid is going to look like a freak just like BX that kid is gross.


She looks pregnant, but then again there are photos of her where she isn't pregnant and she looks just about the same fat. Isn't she supposed to be a christian? both her and her sister got pregnant out of wedlock, real good example of what a christian is not supposed to live like. she makes me sick.


who cares if she is preg or not, bottom line is she will be a fat ass the rest of her life preg or not....she is a piss poor excuse of a human being, when she dumped Nick Lachey people lost ALL respect for Jessica Simpson, and unfortunately for her there is nothing she can do or say to ever get that respect back. SOOOO happy Nick has moved on and is happy unlike Jessica she wears a sad soul behind her fake smiles....what goes around comes around, she got what she deserves.


Ha! i don't think she's pregnant, I think HE is!

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