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This is Emily Maynard. The Southern Belle is a favorite to win The Bachelor, let's be honest. Why shouldn't she be?

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Brad and Emily from the beginning had chemistry. I do honestly believe they will last, as long as they ignore the rumors and continue to be true and honest with each other. We know they already have the LOVE. Everyone deserves a second chance at love and happiness and they seem to be very happy, and I hope little rickki is also happy. Good luck to them all.


I cant tell who he's going to pick, because he has such a great connection with both of the girls, knowone can figure it out. I've looked everywhere online, trying to find profe of who he really choose and the answers are scrambled! One person says that he choose Chantel and the other says Emily. I personaly want Brad to choose Emily. He told her that he was falling in love with her and that he couldnt walk out on this date knowing that he didnt say that he was falling in love with her as well. He also told her that he was giving her a rose when he wasnt supposed to. He wasnt supposed to tell her that he was falling in love with her also but he did. And on the Women Tells All, he anounced that he had been in love with this lady that he choose for a long time! Hmmmmmm, who can that be? All the questions are answered. I believe that he chooses Emily, and if he didnt then I personaly think that he choose the wrong girl.


I knew he was picking Emily before reading this spoiler. Every time they look at each other their eyes light up. Like some people wrote here, he professed his feelings to her, he paid special attention also. I think he has known since their first date that he was completely, utterly in love with her. He had a hard time containing himself. This is the first time for me that while watching the bachelor unfold, the answer is obvious!! All his comments gave it away. "one in a million" "special" "beautiful" !!! My gosh he couldn't even kiss her in her own home! As for Emily, I think she is emotionally mature and acts accordingly...what a refreshing change she brought to the show!!

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Emily Maynard Picture
Emily Maynard is a contestant on The Bachelor. She is vying for the heart of Brad Womack here in Season 15. Emily was the former fiancee... More »
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