Elin Nordegren and Her Children
Elin Nordegren and her kids with Tiger Woods. Cute! So are the kids. See what we did there? Yeah.

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She's hot about an 8 but seemingly now a lttlie nutty *LOL* Its kind of obvious now what happened.They were fighting, and Tiger was gonna drive off to cool off, when she went ballistic and smashed out Tiger's Escalade window in a rage And who's to say she didn't cause Tiger's supposed injuries, and not the crash Not saying Tiger is not a scumbag. As it turns out, he is but I think physical injury is where I draw the line with a woman *LOL*

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Elin Nordegren was the wife of Tiger Woods. Correction: Elin Nordegren was the gorgeous wife of Tiger Woods. She recently won a lawsuit... More »
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