Elderly Beach Babe
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This photo of Kelly Bensimon was taken in early May 2010. She's enjoying a birthday weekend in Miami, Florida.

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Clad in a Bikini

Kelly Bensimon once posed naked in Playboy. Fortunately, she's at least donning a couple layers in this bikini photo.

Skipping Along

Kelly Bensimon shows off her bikini body in Miami. We'd put that thing away if we were her.

Wet, Not Wild

Kelly Bensimon got wet and wild in Miami in May 2010. Would you have sex with this reality star?

All Ribs

Do you like ribs? If so, Real Housewife of New York City Kelly Bensimon is the perfect gal for you!

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I couldn't stand Kelly from day one! She was always fidgiting with her hair, which by the way needs the style police, and never had an inteligent thing to say or talk about! She's by far no "beach babe" and the dumbest 'housewife'of every county! There are so many other attractive and "yes, I am smarter than a fifth-graders" out there to choose from, why her? Her parents obviously did too much acid in their day!


Kelly (Sashquash) looks more like a man than a woman. If it wasn't for her horribly bitchy personality I would think she was her brother. Maybe she is a transvite?