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Dwayne Johnson has quite the smile. It's help him succeed on the big screen.

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The Rock, Patty Cake

The Rock plays with a cute little girl in a photo that has gone viral.

The Rock Throwback Photo

Greatest throwback photo ever? Look at this old school picture of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson!

The Rock on Christmas

The Rock does not need any muscles on Christmas. He has plenty, as you can see here.

Dwayne Johnson Eyebrow

The Rock, a.k.a. Dwayne Johnson, flashes his famous eyebrow.

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I love cats


therock I may be intense, profoundly dirty minded & love my tequila. But I'm always a gentleman to my lady. #TheChivalrousSilverback
#GotU #MakeMeASammichWoman 2mon
Read more at http://web.stagram.com/n/thero...


therock Congrats TEAM ROCK manager Dany Garcia! IFBB North American Championships. #GraceDisciplineHardWork She's an elite competitor who manages the entire global brand of Team Rock. She's also my ex-and my "baby mama". She's also engaged to be married to Dave Rienzi - who happens to be my good bud and my strength coach. Dany & Dave's amazing kinesiologist who keeps their bodies balanced like an ace is a gal named Lauren - who happens to be my love & partner in life.. and crime. Lord knows we've gone thru the pain & rain to finally enjoy the rainbow we call FAMILY. If our family can do it.. yours can too. #GottaPutInTheWork #AllFamiliesAreABitBatShitCrazy
Read more at http://web.stagram.com/p/55223...

@ .

Dany & Dave's amazing kinesiologist who keeps their bodies balanced like an ace is a gal named Lauren - who happens to be my love & partner in life. --- just re quote make sure you did not miss it


Yeah, that's Lauren Hashian from RU the Girl. When Chilli and T-Boz had that reality show, looking for a member to tour with them. Not an impressive singer at all in my humble opinion. She met DJ during the time he was filming the GamePlan in Boston and was very much still married. I remember when the pics hit a few years ago when he took her to Hawaii, after announcing his divorce. Her father is some former rock star and her mom is a former Playmate. She's very young. He divorces his educated wife with her own Hedge Fund and is supporting this girl like 15 years his junior. Typical.


You all lie. Dwayne is faithful to me. We met before he dirovced, it is true. But we were in love. So he and Dany got a divorce. We are still together to this day and will be for ever. All you fan girls can give it up. he's mine. all min. every inch is mine.


@mike It's all good. I had sex with Dwayne here in Budapest while he's filming his movie. He said he had an open relationship so it's all good. It was just a one time thing.

@ jhene

hi, I usually don't do this, but my friend told me about this blog and I just had to share my story with someone: I met lauren in boston last year. I own a bar there. well, we had a good vibe, good convo and when I asked - she said she and dwayne are having an open relationship but I think she said that just so she can get into my pants. anyway we had fun and I just wanted to let you and her know that I miss her, yet I never dare to miss any lunch break and I always, always use silver condoms!


d id you know I was spaming this site for over a year now, just cause dwayne dumped me and stucked with this lauren chicka! I am known as @realz FOR REALZ! I'm really a h***** My name on twitter is @luckymonkie "YOU MAD" and I like to bully people! @FullBarbieBitch YOU ARE NEXT! I can not get rid of @theevieg she is damn family! I will keep trashing Lauren and dwayne here as much as I want cause my heart is broken and I know he really loves me and not her! That's what he said


I BetThey're Back Together That's Why He Sold HiS Florida House. He Broke Up With Lauren And Is Moving In With Dubs Realz Or Whoever She Wants To Be Called. That Second Hand Pic Was Real Too!


Yep Realz And Dwayne Were A Couple This Was When Dwayne Realized That Lauren Was A Jerk. He Went Back To Lauren When He Realized Realz Was ToO Much Of A Woman For Him With A Mind Of Her Own.