Dustin Diamond Sex Tape
That's the cover shot of the Dustin Diamond Sex Tape. It's called "Screeched." So wrong.

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This the best rant I have ever seen. I love how you give Double D nicknames like douchebag and then use them in the same paragraph. Priceless. I hope when he googles his name(because you know he does constantly)he finds this page.


Don't need to watch a porn to know that the star is an aszhole.please I beg people to boycott celebrity fit club until they stop feeding dustin's ego by having him on a show where they consider him a celebrity. I am more popular than this piece of dustin diamond. His popularity should be based on how many times people use the word douchebag because he is synonimous with that. The only time I want to see him get publicity is in the obituaries and im not saying I want him dead, I just don't want anything from him and isn' it bad enough we have reruns of him on tv for the rest of our lives. It's not fair he gets to kill us slowly, while we don't get to kill back. I would pay horshack's steroid bills to go kick douchebag's ass. VH1 those asses give me Tocarra,the love of my life, but to see her I have to deal with glances of the above mentioned jack ass!

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Dustin Diamond Sex Tape
Dustin Diamond is a dirty, dirty son of a bitch. Seriously, he gave two chicks the dirty sanchez on tape. On tape! If you don't know what... More »
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