Drake in Vegas
Drake poses here on the red carpet of a Las Vegas event. He's at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino.


Rap died cuz you fags like listening to soft bitches like Drake. Y'all say he's lyrical, he is a one dimensional rapper who only rhymes two syllables. They know. We know. Pass go. Bingo. Two syllables the whole fucking time. Dmx talks about real shit and paved the way toward REAL rap not fake gay shit. Drake says yaaaaaa like a soft pussy and for a crazy reason 1/2 of the people like it bc y'all dont go out of your way to listen to anything other then the radio. Fuck Drake he will never be considered as raps greatest. I realized that this argument won't be solved bc you either love him or hate him. You can call me a hater but lets get one thing clear... I don't hate him bc the money he makes, I dislike the living shit out of him bc to me he sounds unlyrical and soft as shit and he talks about stuff that is material and can capture the unintelligent mind of a fucking unsure teenager.

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Aubrey Graham is a Canadian actor and recording artist. He is best known for playing Jimmy Brooks, the basketball star that became... More »
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