Double K
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Kim Kardashian looks pretty in this picture. She always looks better the less hard she tries.

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Honoring a Website

Is there anything Hollywood won't throw a party in honor of?!? Kim Kardashian poses here at a shindig that centered around the relaunch of her website.

An Asset

Kim Kardashian understands why she's famous. The reality star turned and exposed her most famous asset to the camera in this picture.

Photograph of Kim

Kim Kardashian poses on the red carpet at a party held in her website's honor. Seriously, that was the basis for this get-together.

What a Dumb Outfit

What the heck is Kim Kardashian wearing in this photo?!? One arm is bare and the other is cut up in some weird manner.

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Website Relaunch Party
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Its obvious she did have surgery all you have to do is keep looking at the pics thats on here you get to the old ones and she looks more foreign her armanin features shine through more. She looked more exotic its something with the nose. If she did nothing to herself nobody would be making comments. She was very pretty before this surgery. Its other ways to spend your money than throw it down the drain on unecessary things. The good lord blessed her with a beautiful face and she mess it up. All that plastic surgery is overatted its still fake it still plastic and not natuaral.


I really don't understand why Kim chose to mess with her face. She was already a beautiful girl with exotic features, it obvious she had work done. She doesn't look like she use to. Why would someone so beautiful mess their face up.


Why do people keep saying Kim has had plastic surgery? There are pics of her as an adolescent which look like she looks today.

Avatar look horrible like botched surgery. you look like that famous cat woman who kept having surgeries to look like her cats. you really do look disgusting. i'm so glad that you're going down the drain.