Dita Von Teese Nude Photo
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Ooooh. Dita Von Teese is looking good in this photo from Penthouse. She is bent over and wearing no pants. How else is a nude Dita Von Teese supposed to pose or look?

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Sexy Dita Von Teese Pic

Wow. Marilyn Manson is crazy. Well, that's obvious we suppose ... tell us something we don't know, T.H. Gossip, you're probably thinking. Put another way, he's crazier than we thought for divorcing Dita Von Teese! Nutjob!

Dita Von Teese Nude

That's right. Dita Von Teese nude and ready for you. Just kidding. Well, about the second part. But she's in Penthouse ... not your apartment.

Dita Von Teese PETA Ad

Dita for PETA. It rhymes. Von Teese is hot stuff, too, and for once in her life did not get naked for a photo shoot. Hey, she looks nice even with lingerie on. Go PETA.

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