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This is Adam Lambert. This is a female breast. This is a photo we never exactly expected to see. It was taken for Details magazine.

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For Details

Wowza! Adam Lambert prepares to french kiss, and fondle, a woman in this photograph. It's courtesy of Details.

Lambert... and a Woman

Do you want us to leave you alone, Adam Lambert? The gay singer looks to be appreciating the female form in this Details magazine photo.

The Female Form

Whoa! Adam Lambert enjoys the female body, for a change, in this photograph for Details.

A Lambert Embrace

Something seems amiss here. Adam Lambert is embracing the wrong gender, as he poses for Details with a woman.

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Adam Lambert in Details
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Her face is on the masculine side in my opinion. Makes sense to me; he could be okay with kissing and fondling masculine women. I agree that it's probably a marketing strategy.


Sakarah,you need to learn to be tolerant of others that do not believe in the same things you do. Sheesh. Get a grip. Who are you to tell someone what to pray for anyway? You need to get over yourself. How ignorant. Anyway,it is a good possibility that this is a marketing strategy on Adam's part. In all likelihood,he is completely gay and just doing this to gain even more popularity with women. If they think there is a possibility they could get him,that just makes them love him more and further drives his record sales. Then again,he could be bisexual. That is not unheard of,after all. Of course,as a Christian,I would prefer that he be straight. Not about to apologize for harboring that sentiment either.God bless.


Deborah! Fuckin stop "praying" he would straight, he's gay get over it, you commented on like ever picture saying that it's the right thing for him to be straight, maybe it's not, maybe you live in a Bo and don't except people for you they are, you can suck my fake strap on dick.


Love the pictures...I hope and pray this could be REAL !!!


For being gay, he has great taste in woman!


Ok. I don't exactly like any of these pics but i'd have to say this one is... a little shocking.


I like how they made her nails and make-up the same as his.