Demi on the Red Carpet
Demi Lovato looked adorable on the red carpet of the 2009 American Music Awards. She'll win one of these trophies some day.

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i like you music are beautifull go demi.iam yanibell of dominican republic i love bye.


just as always my fav is Demi Lovato.
She is my role model and I love and support everything she does.
I don't think she is like what people try to make Miley Cyrus out to be, alot call Miley a slut.. seriously people do yous even know what that means??
Trust me the world is full of dirty sluts and Miley Cyrus an't one of them, she just isn't afraid to act in the open and show of her moves, body or what ever she wants to show of.. or ever thought of this mayeb thats just her style.
But Demi Lovato is not Miley Cyrus so I wish people would stop compairing the to sometimes.

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2009 American Music Awards
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