Defending Their Love
Kim Kardashian has been married less than a month but is already forced to defend her love. Rough.

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omg!! kim and kris make suh a couple. I really dont know why her sisters wont leave her alone.She is really pretty and nice.I really hope kris's and kim marriage lasts they are perfect for each other..I dont know why people all over the world say she got plastic surgery i don think she got any..she's perfect and gorgeous...!!! i love you kim and kris i wish you the best!!!!!! :)))


Kims two sisters are really mean to acuse Kris of using Kim for fame. How come Scott and Kris ia always a problem, but nobody picks on Lamar, Khloes husband? Thats because Khloes the biggest bully in the family.The whole Kadashian family is really becoming sickening. They are so materialistic and immoral.

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