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David Otunga is engaged to Jennifer Hudson. We're incredibly happy for this couple.

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I am sorry.... Am I the only one who thinks she can do better?, He is not that hot, my man makes him look like a 4 may be a 5 definately not a 9 or a 10. And my girl Jennifer has a lot going for her. They both have money and since they love eachother just let them be. Stop hatin.


Shanikka, now think about Jennifer and all the things she is doing to David. Plus think about all the wonderful things David has done and is doing to my girl Jhud!!! A whole lot of jealous people are hating on Jennifer because they want her man. Sorry ladies David is head over heels madley in love with Jennifer Hudson. If you really want to upset Jhud mess with her David sr now that they have a David jr.


I always wanted David as my man things i see myself doing to him!!!!!!

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David Otunga Pic
David Otunga was a contestant on the reality show I Love New York 2. He was hoping to win over the heart of Tiffany Pollard. Though he... More »
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