Darren Criss in Out
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Darren Criss is pictured here in Out magazine. In early 2011, he admitted to that publication that he was, in fact, straight.

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Darren Criss Pic

Darren's dad is a successful banking CEO. He moved the family to Hawaii when Darren was a child.

Darren Criss Photograph

Darren Criss is great on Glee and on Broadway. Can you picture him a the host of The X Factor?

Darren Criss at the TCAs

Darren Criss is a major fan favorite. Gleeks have fallen in love with his character of Blaine.

Posing for Out

Darren Criss poses here for Out magazine. He's featured on the cover of that publication's March 2011 issue.

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sweet Lord he's super HOT!