Daniel Radcliffe Naked
In this photo from Vogue, Daniel Radcliffe is very much naked... and lying on top of a horse! It's a promo for the Broadway play Equus.

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Samantha lakin

well john how close were u lookin and he is fully naked no hem there


are he crazy


Nope John, he's not wearing a *fleshing (which is the technical term u were looking for) there're no hems on his waist or leg and in a fleshing body stocking you wouldn't have a hem at the waist anyway. Soz mate, not being a Know-it-all it's just that I do dance/ballet....


he is obviously wearing a skin-tight flesh-coloured tight spandex type thingy. (yes, its a technical term....)
if you look closely you can see the hem on both the waist and the leg.


Lucky horse, wish he would straddle me!! Or let me straddle him!

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