Danica Patrick, Playboy
Sorry, fellas. But Danica Patrick hasn't posed naked in Playboy. This is a photo of her from an interview with the magazine, though.

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I admit your very hot . I still think if you got a slight breast enlargement you could double your sex appeal


I swear because of Danica I'm going to have to get windshield wiper blades on my computer screen!!!!!!!!


I'd totally do it in a race car with her. Cept it wouldn't be fast... it'd be sloooowww..


she aint that good of a driver, she has a great support crew and money, and thats a fact jack


She is one very talented race car driver 1st and then a very beautiful woman and could be a model second because I know how she has the love to race. I know one thing if I was racing against her and she wanted to pass me i would be a gentleman and just move over just to have th honour to race against such a beautiful lady. Id do anything just to get the chance to take her out for a candle light dinner. Nothing else. Just the chance to be with her would make my life complete.
you are a true lady Danica kk

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Danica Patrick Biography

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Danica Patrick began go-karting in 1992 at the age of 10. The rest, as they say, is history. This beauty is now a famous racecar driver,... More »
Beloit, Wisconsin
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Danica Sue Patrick