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Justin Bieber is mature for his age. And we aren't just saying that because the singer crushes on Megan Fox and Kim Kardashian.

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It's a Justin Bieber and Cody Simpson selfie! These two are working on music in the studio.

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Any Way Fuck Off Justin Bieber Haters And Fans Hes Minee And Only Minee Stupid Hoes Yess Fuck Off


Haaaa Yall Stupid Bitchies And Haters Out Theree That Aree Hating On My Baby Shut The FUK Up Stupid Hoes Anyways I Lovee Youu Justin Bieber With A Patien


i think that his songs are cool & he should use some new styles on his video clips.....PS. ithink he is cute.....


i think he needs to stop dreaming about miley cyrus becoz she has been occupied by liam hemsworth


One more thing, I think Justin Beiber is worried that if he cuts his hair, people will notice that he's a short person. You know what? Nobody cares. Short is the new tall in Hollywood. Look at Tom Cruise and Snooki.


This guy needs a new stylist. He needs to graduate from this helment-hair comb-over. He should watch Vampire Diaries and Twilight to get some hair style ideas. He is a celebrity now. Let go of his crutch, the helmet-hair. comb-over. People will still like you Justin Beiber even if you do something with your hair. It can only help your career not harm it.