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THG voted for you, Crystal Bowersox. Unfortunately, teenage girls control the fate of American Idol and you weren't their favorite.

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Crystal Bowersox is a refreshing phenomenon. She has the freshness of a mountain flower, the thunder of a Harley-Davidson, and the fortitude of the boys at Omaha and Iwo. She is the power of Janice, the mystique of Peggy, and the sunlight of Norma Jeanne rolled into one. Crystal represents some of the nice things about America. In fact, She IS America. She is smart enough to realize who gave her the unique talent she has, and openly thanks him before the entire nation. For those of you who take the time to put her down, maybe you should take her lead and look to that young Galilean who has the track record of raising people up to what they can be. Not stomping them into the sand with your jack boot. Besides, who could not like a blonde named Crystal who sincerely puts her whole being into what she does, is driven to provide a happy life for her son, and wears earings big enough to match her heart. Wise up.


That woman that called Crystal Bowersox baby a bastard is a complete hypocrite. Jesus was killed on the cross then brought back to life for our sins. All I can say is how dare you if God is willing to forgive then who are you. You need to read the Bible more carefully. One of the 10 comandments is not to use God's name in vane and that is exactly what you did. You need to ask for forgiveness and mean it. In the mean time I will pray for you.

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Crystal Bowersox, who hails from Ohio, finished second on season nine of American Idol. Crystal has a son and describes herself as a folk... More »
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