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It's time to meet Crystal Harris. This college student says she's one of three new girlfriends in a relationship with Hugh Hefner.

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That was a lot more hostility than that rated Shannie, not to mentoin hmm unique language. If they want to sleep with him then so be it, everyone involved was an adult and we don't have any right to judge their personal lives or situations any more than the local uptight church group etc does ours/yours anyone else's.


Crystal got what she wanted.
A ring, car and fame.
Hef was taken. George Vreeland Hill


A sham of a marriage to begin with. Guess she didn't want to face the fact that she might have a hubby in depends! No doubt there are dozens of other bimbos lined up for their shot at Heffner.... ah true love!


I miss the Girls next door with Holly,Bridget and Kendra I used to watch it every week now I dont even bother.I miss my girls...He should have married one of them o wait they probally to old for him...


You are a Pedophile and a certified pervert mr hefner. How can you marry someone 60 years plus younger? WTF you have an extreme problem sir. We are so disgusted with you sick ways mr hefner. how dare you do this . what the fuck is wrong with you. if you were anyone else and was dating someones little daughter 60 years younger they would have gotten rid of you ...yes they would have killed you. be careful mr sicko


I love the "Girls Next Door" with Holly, Bridget and Kendra.I think they have great personalities and Holly loved Hugh Hefner indeed . Oppositely I hate Crystal Harris, she is such a gold digger, she likes acting like a baby pig and being fake.She is not sexy and all I can see from her are two big "Chinese steamed breads" stuck on her chest. Oh God, how terrible is that!

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Crystal Harris Quotes

I believe in opening your heart and letting your walls down.

Crystal Harris

I'm a good girl, for the most part.

Crystal Harris
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