Connor Cruise, Isabella Cruise
Tom Cruise's kids with Nicole Kidman. Connor Cruise and Isabella Cruise are both adopted.

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omg that accusation about tom sexually abusing suri has got to be false. katie would never allow it. it's not nicole's fault. tom made sure he got custody and won't let them visit her in tennessee. she has to come to california and apparently bought a house nearby to visit. tom makes the kids call her "nicole" so they can call katie "mom." nicole's the victim here, not the bad one!


Those kids have a good life because of Tom Cruise. You NEVER see Nicole with them since she's had her own biological child. NICE mother!!! At least he makes an effort with them even if he is nuts now that he's in that crazy so called religion!!!


Nope, you're not alone. He does look like his dad. I'm not so sure we can believe everything we hear.


am i the only person that thinks conner looks like tom's biological child?!


Correction: This aren't Nichole's kids, they were adopted. Sorry that the kids will live on the shadow of the parents, Nichole washed her hands and Tom just acts as business director with them. About Isabella, she suffers the most and nobody sees it. Tom is just happy that "all is well as long as he is well."


Tom cruise is the most abusive man on earth.. he sexually harrasses suri and makes her walk around the house naked. he keeps her in a wooden hose seprete to the one they live!! suri has her hair died to much and shes under 2!!!


seems to me instead of cating he should have stayed home and took care of his two kids with nichole .wow these celeberities sure do get thats a lot of even hlf of these celeberties even know who the daddy realy is?

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