Concert Goers
Outside the Staples Centers, Drake LaBry and Adam Lambert share a laugh. They are coming directly from a Pink concert.

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Adam was clearly trying to hold his bf's hand. Drake should have given it to him. it seems like he was being a little prudish there. they are already open about their relationship, so what's a little PDA gonna do?


I think LaBry was being coy. It appeared to me as if Adam was trying to hold LaBry's hand and LaBry on the sly did not offer it to him. To me if you are with someone you are proud and happy for them and support them. You hold their hand and don't play games. LaBry is cute but Adam is just one hottie and he looks good always. Adam should model. Adam should have his own clothing line. Heck, Adam should have his own hair line and make up line. LaBry should go on HGTV's design show challenge.

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Adam and Drake Together
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