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Nadya Suleman grabs a Starbucks to go. Powering through meetings all day and supervising free nannies who watch her 14 kids is hard work.

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The Octomom Nadya Suleman

The Octomom Nadya Suleman is a woman who needs no introduction. She is who she is.

Octomom, Close Up

Octomom scares the crap out of us. She was charged with welfare fraud in early 2014.

Mom of Octo

Nadya Suleman is the Octomom. She's a mother of 14, and possibly a welfare fraud committer.

Oc-to! Oc-to!

Octomom is a mess. Not a hot mess. Just a mess.

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She looks amazing for someone with 14 kids. shoot after my second I was still a blimp. I'm tired of her being picked on by the media. What about the show 19 and counting? I get tired of it. Those people are stealing their childrens childhoods by making them babysit and take care of the house. The only one that gets a free childhood ride is the last two kids. I don't see this Octomom making her kids babysit each other and I don't see her out whoring or parting it up or even drinking and gambling around town on twelfare money. No she's home taken care of the kids and I say that is money well spent!