Clay Aiken and Son
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Clay Aiken carries son Parker Foster Aiken after his release from the hospital in North Carolina where Jaymes Foster gave birth. Aww, cute. Clay the dad.

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Hey, any kid with the Aiken/Foster music genes is one lucky baby! Any child is a blessed event and enters the world for a reason. This child was wanted and will be loved and should be protected and respected.


Golly-gee, Clay is going to be the absolute bestest dad in the world! The world is going to be a super-special place with more Clay-genes in it!


eweee.... this is creepy, sorry...but it is. and so is he and she is a weirdo.


Gosh, Clay is going to be the best dad possible.He has wanted to be a father forever and a day. I am so happy for him and hope the parents will share a baby picture with us.


So, why is it so strange... They both wanted a child very badly... have an obvious bond and love for one another... who are we to judge. I am thrilled for Clay and Jaymes. she has wanted a baby that she couldn't have... he loves children, was abandoned by his real dad and not exactly loved by his step dad... he has voiced wanting children for so long... This baby comes in to into a family with so much love on all sides. Clay will make a wonderful father, and his heart is full... Jaymes and Clay have somethng between them we can't even begin to understand I am sure. Congrats to both of them and to the extended families. That baby Parker is one lucky little boy!!! He is so loved and wanted.


I say congratulations to Clay and Jaymes, and may they have many years of happiness with their newborn son Parker.