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Christina Schwarzenegger graduates! And her whole family was there!

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Anderson Cooper is Co-Host and he can not use my name to be a Media Personality he is only a Tv Host and of course Host is me Katherine Schwarzenegger and Co-Host my Co-Host Anderson Cooper i am a Media Personality and Best Selling Author my name is Katherine Schwarzenegger ! Katherine Schwarzenegger ! I was on Show TV Show ABC Anderson Cooper not CO-HOST i was like the other talk guests invited of course Talk Guest and not Co-Host: the Joke Anderson Cooper and all there on the TV can not touch my name and me: my name is Katherine Schwarzenegger and i am a: BEST SELLING AUTHOR: my name is Katherine Schwarzenegger: and i crushed never in somebody in a video in a KID or had dates in my life that are against the Rules of the rules of my family i grew up like a muslim and enjoyed all educations like a muslime and i am so happy about that life my family gave me and protected my and protect me i grew up like a muslime and i enjoyed that life my sister Christina Schwarzenegger too we will never work against the rules of our family of course i am ready to stay the rest of the life alone importent is for me to protect my family and the name and importent is my career as Best Selling Author: i am Katherine Schwarzenegger and a Best Selling Author and enjoy the Justice and the Rules: me and my family my mom and dad and my own brothers and sister we are strong and we hold as family together and will never happen others will try to use us to appear and to make career with us and our name: facebook and twitter and and and all are only just for fun just fun and game i will never crush in somebody in a video that a joke and disgusting what do you all writing in the Media and Internet i will never crush in a joke or somebody facebook and twitter is only just for fun and game only fun funny day that will never happen i will have a date or cush or dated or crushed that is i disgusting idea what do you all writing in a Media that is impossible what you all doing me and my family my family grew up stronger like muslims that is right and that is Justice understand me: do you all understand: disgusting to work against the Justice and the rules and the Media i grew up like a muslime stronger like a muslime that is my life and nobody and jourmalists and TV Hosts will change the rules of a Justice: my name is: Katherine Schwarzenegger and to know the rules of the Justice enjoy my name is Katherine Schwarzenegger the BEST SELLING AUTHOR !

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