Christina Aguilera at American Music Awards
Christina Aguilera is a vision in white. This is a photo from the 2013 American Music Awards.

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Doesn't Christina Aguilera get tired of channeling Marilyn Monroe for the last 13 years everyday?.This look is so un original because Christina's hair looks fried and her dress looks cheezy.If Christina could be herself and stop being a Marilyn Monroe wannbe maybe she could pull off a more natural look that goes with her.

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2013 American Music Awards
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Los Angeles
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Christina Aguilera Biography

Awesome Aguilera
Christina Aguilera: The dirrrty one always has a place in our hearts. She's a great, great singer. The beauty married Jordan Bratman a... More »
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Full Name
Christina María Aguilera

Christina Aguilera Quotes

It's kind of hilarious! I've never fit into an E-cup before. I look at my husband and go, 'Guess what size this bra is?' And when I tell him, he's just amazed. We keep the tags that prove it, to look back for memory's sake!

Christina Aguilera [on her breastfeeding bust size]

Oh, my God, candy! I had a huge craving for candy toward the end of the pregnancy, from Starbursts to Skittles. I actually took a picture of myself with my big belly in a little lingerie top, surrounded by bowls of the candy I like

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